Achievement, Affiliation, and Power

The Entrepreneurial Profile Assessment Exercise

Before delving into the motivational profile of the entrepreneur, we believe each one of you should answer the following questions as objectively as possible, in order to best understand your own motivations in the world of entrepreneurship.


Please answer each question as it pertains to you. As you read the questions, please put a number besides the question. Your choice of numbers are 7, 5, 4, 3, 1 with 7 meaning fully agree, 1 meaning fully disagree and 4 meaning in the middle.

1. I love to be together with people I like even when it serves no purpose. ___

2. In many situations, clarifying who is in charge is the most important business at hand. ___

3. When playing a game, I am as concerned with how well I play in my own estimation as I am with whether or not I win. ___

4. I believe it is most important to have the respect of others in your community. ___

5. When I set a goal, there is a good chance I will make it even though it doesn't always happen. ___

6. It is important to have possessions that will influence others to respect me. ___

7. Losing a friend is very upsetting to me. I work hard to regain friends I have lost. ___

8. I insist on the respect of people under me, even if I have to push them around to get it. ___

9. I need lots of warmth from others and I give it back. ___

10. I think about how what I am doing today will affect my future five years from now. ___

11. I like to set up measures for myself of how well I am progressing. ___

12. I am very concerned with the efficiency and quality of my work. ___

13. Many people need advice and help, and someone should give it to them whether they want it or not. ___

14. Strong actions are needed when people make mistakes. ___

15. I enjoy social get-togethers and make time to go to them. ___

16. A key purpose in my life is to do things that have not been done before. ___

17. If I move to a new area, I imagine the first thing I would do is develop new friends, I'm like a plant without water. ___

18. I intend to get strong emotional reactions out of others because I know I am getting somewhere. ___

19. I need very much to be liked by others. ___

20. My friends may sometimes think it dull, but I find myself talking about how to overcome future obstacles I have anticipated. ___

21. My close relationships are very valuable to me. ___

22. My reason for being in business is to become rich, rich, rich! ___

23. I don't like working on a project without knowing how well I'm doing, so I make plans that allow me to measure how fast I'm proceeding toward my overall goals. ___

24. I like to get involved in community activities because it gives me a chance to have influence where I live. ___

25. The real meaning of life is the personal relationships we form. ___

26. I do best when I have some room to choose my own goals. ___

27. If people don't know you really appreciate them, you can't expect them to do a good job. ___

28. In everything I do; work, sports, hobbies, I try to set really high standards for myself; otherwise where's the fun of it? ___

29. Its people that make up a business, not a lot of stock piled up on the shelves. ___

30. I always thought I would enjoy being a famous politician, actor or athlete and live in the lap of luxury. ___