Today, franchisers realize that a franchisee that fails costs them far more in time, money and reputation than the quick infusion of up-front money is ever worth. They know what they want when it comes to franchisees, and determine who does ( or doesn't) have these traits, a growing number of franchisers have turned to some form of testing.

How do you measure up against the general traits they are looking for? To help answer the question, I have gathered some solid data. Don Boroian's company, Francorp, in association with DePaul University in Chicago, have conducted extensive survey's of franchisers regarding the marketing and sales of franchises.

A special section of the most recent edition of this poll ask respondents to choose, from a list of two dozen, the traits they found most important among their most successful franchisees. A total of 265 franchisers representing more than 40,000 franchised units responding to the survey. With the assistance of Dr. Harry E. "Bud" Gunn, a clinical physiologist noted for his job related diagnostic tests, I used these responses to create the following test for prospective franchisees. This test has been used in practice by Francorp and has appeared in similar form in the book, How to Buy and Manage a Franchise, by Mancuso and Boroian (Simon & Schuster, 1993).

The test is designed to measure your aptitude to be a franchisee, not your worth as a person or your overall general business acumen. As I have noted, the life of a franchisee is not for everyone--and it is important to find out if its right for you before investing your time and money. In order to determine your potential success as a franchisee, answer the questions in terms of your own feelings and experiences, rather than what you think a successful franchisee would say.


For questions 1-16, circle the answer that best describes you or that you most agree with:

1. I have generally been regarded as:

2. Financially, I:

3. Taking directions from others is:

4. Work-related pressure:

5. I have generally been regarded as having:

6. To reach one's optimum level of success, one must:

7. Personally, I:

8. A major factor in business success is:

9. I am best described as:

10. A strong desire to learn is:

11. When a superior tells me what to do, I:

12. To succeed in business, it is often more important to be hard working than to be creative, talented person:

13. I have been best known for:

4. As a business owner, it would be most important to me to:

15. Work hours should be:

16. A description of someone with a good chance to succeed in business is someone who:

For questions 17-30, pick the statement that best describes you.

17. A. I have a strong affinity for sales. B. I am highly energetic.

18. A. I have moderate experience in the type of business I would like to get into. B. I take directions well.

19. A. I am a creative person. B. I am a good listener.

20. A. I am a previous business owner. B. I am able to fully commit my finances to my business.

21. A. I don't mind working long hours. B. I have strong corporate skills.

22. A. I am a very careful, organized person. B. I am a people-oriented person.

23. A. I am a charitable person. B. I am a diplomatic person.

24. A. I am highly spontaneous. B. I am highly goal-directed.

25. A. I am able to take charge with people. B. I am a quick decision maker.

26. A. I have some basic financial knowledge. B. I have previous management experience.

27. A. I need to be in control. B. I can take directions from others.

28. A. I have extensive business skills. B. I am always willing to do what it takes to get things done.

29. A. I often use weekends to unwind. B. I am very resistant to stress.

30. A. I have money in the bank. B. I am willing to do without if necessary.

For this question, circle the five statements that are least like you



I am a slow starter
I can sell anything
I prefer to work by myself
I am interested in learning new skills
I would rather live spontaneously than set long-range goals
I thrive on stressful, busy, deadline situations
I work best by taking charge and issuing orders
I am rich in people skills
I prefer large corporate environments
I have a history of working long hours at favored activities