The Franchisee Quiz Score


For each answer you chose, give yourself the corresponding amount of points listed below:

Total points possible: 97

(See ratings below table)

1. a-0 b-4 c-0 d-2    
2. a-2 b-0 c-4 d-0    
3. a-4 b-0 c-2 d-1    
4. a-0 b-0 c-1 d-4    
5. a-4 b-2 c-0 d-0    
6. a-0 b-2 c-4 d-0    
7. a-0 b-2 c-4 d-0    
8. a-4 b-1 c-0 d-3    
9. a-1 b-0 c-2 d-4    
10. a-4 b-2 c-0 d-0    
11. a-0 b-2 c-0 d-4    
12. a-4 b-3 c-0 d-0    
13. a-0 b-4 c-2 d-1    
14. a-1 b-0 c-0 d-4    
15. a-4 b-0 c-2 d-0    
16. a-0 b-4 c-1 d-1 e-1 f-0
17. a-2 b-1    



18. a-1 b-2    



19. a-1 b-2    



20. a-1 b-2    



21. a-2 b-1    



22. a-1 b-2    



23. a-1 b-2    



24. a-1 b-2    



25. a-2 b-1    



26. a-2 b-1    



27. a-1 b-2    



28. a-1 b-2    



29. a-1 b-2    



30. a-2 b-1    



31. a-1 b-0 c-0 d-0



g-1 h-0 i-1 j-0  




97-79 Points: A Prime Candidate:

Congratulations! If you have answered the quiz questions frankly and received a score in this range, your personality, traits, attitude, experience and temperament are good matches with the attributes many franchisers say are found in their most successful franchisees. You likely have a well-defined desire to learn and a willingness to follow directions in the quest of your own success. If you are financially able to do so, I strongly suggest that you pursue becoming a franchisee.

79-50 Points: A Potential Candidate:

Many of your traits are close to those found in top franchisee candidates; however, you may not be completely committed to the concept of running a franchised outlet of someone else's business. Although you may be interested in becoming a franchisee, your quiz answers differ from those of more "traditional" candidates; perhaps you have a strong streak of independence or are more comfortable giving directions than taking them. If you can ascertain where you differ from the "model" franchisee--by reading the book How to Buy and Manage a Franchise--you may be able to determine if these are fundamental differences or merely slight discrepancies. If the latter is true, you might be a good franchisee candidate.

50-0: A Questionable Candidate.

A low score on this test might indicate that you would be more comfortable and successful as an independent business owner or a salaried employee. You may be more independent and have a stronger business background than most franchisees. Rather than trying to squeeze your individual talents into a field you may not be suited, you should probably seek other opportunities. If you still feel strongly committed to becoming a franchisee, examine how your test responses differ from the suggested answers. This can uncover areas in your personality or background that you need to reassess to improve your chances of becoming a successful franchisee. You may want to take the entrepreneur's quiz which is on this home page under--How to Start, Finance, and Manage your own Small Business.