While there is no single entrepreneurial archetype, there are certain character traits that indicate an entrepreneurial personality. In this quiz, developed from a series of questionnaire analyses performed by the Center for Entrepreneurial Management, we've concentrated on those indicators. If you've ever wondered whether or not you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, here's your chance to find out.


1. How were your parents employed?

2. Have you ever been fired from a job?

3. Are you an immigrant, or were your parents or grandparents immigrants?

4. Your work career has been:

5. How many businesses did you operate before you were twenty?

6. What is your present age?

7. You are the ________ child in the family

8. What is your marital status?

9. Your highest level of formal education is:

10. What is your primary motivation in starting a business?

11. Your relationship with the parent who provided most of the family's income was:

12. If you could choose between working hard and working smart, you would:

13. On whom do you rely for critical management advice?

14. If you were at the racetrack, which of these would you bet on?

15. The only ingredient that is both necessary and sufficient for starting a business is:

16. If you were an advanced tennis player and had a chance to play a top pro like Jimmy Connors, you would:

17. You tend to "fall in love" to quickly with:

18. Which of the following personality types is best suited to be your right-hand person?

19. You accomplish tasks better because:

20. You hate to discuss:

21. Given a choice, you would prefer:

22. If you could choose between the following competitive professions, your choice would be:

23. If you had to choose between working with a partner who is a close friend and working with a stranger who is an expert in your field, your choice would be:

24. In business situations that demand action, clarifying who is in charge will help produce results:

25. In playing a competitive game, you are concerned with: