Name: Richard D. Smith

Title/Position: CEO / Founder

Company: NEWS USA

Business Description: Guaranteed Nationwide Publicity Services

Chapter: Washington, DC PAC


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Rick Smith founded NEWS USA about 25 years ago to help 5,000+ Top Names in Branding themselves. Clients from AOL, AAA, AMA to VW, Verizon, Visa have received 5 million + story placements in thousands of newspapers, radio stations and blogs.

For from $5K all inclusive they guarantee actual physical proof of story placements or another story free.

How often do you spend ad or pr dollars and have no recourse if you feel like you got nothing for your money? Rick's company will even escrow funds pending actual physical proof of performance. You get the placements or they don't get the money until they do.

Mention the CEO Club and get a free mock up story and proposal to run by your marketing team. CEO Club Clients range from AOL to CEO Club to Sugar Loaf Festivals to Trim Spa.