Name: Arthur J. Murray

Title/Position: CEO

Company: Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc.

Business Description: AKS helps government, non-profit, and commercial organizations transform themselves into knowledge-sharing enterprises

Chapter: Washington, DC PAC


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"You create the future by what you do today"

In a flat world, one thing is certain: the old business models no longer work.  Business and government leaders alike know they need to change, if they are going to survive.  The question is: "Change to what?"  Finding the answer has been Art Murray's personal quest for the past twenty-five years.  He calls it The Enterprise of the Future.

It all began while working on his doctorate at the George Washington University Institute for

Artificial Intelligence.  There he developed a method for organizations to capture and share their most valuable asset: their institutional knowledge.  Soon after, he founded what he calls "the next-generation management consultancy," a company now known as Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc.  

Today, after two decades of research, trial and error, and field work, AKS helps government, non-profit, and commercial organizations transform themselves into knowledge-sharing enterprises.  Recent successes include large institutions such as the World Health Organization and the US Air Force, as well as small to medium-sized manufacturing and services firms.  

Murray's next goal is to help knowledge grow even more, through the creation of global knowledge clusters, and knowledge cities.  As the creative power of six billion minds works its way into the new knowledge economy, the need for AKS's services will be even greater.  "This is the beginning of a whole new economic revolution," Murray says in a recent interview.  "The era of the social knowledge entrepreneur has finally arrived."

Murray is also Chief Fellow of the George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, where he is Co-Founder of The Enterprise of the Future Program.  He is a member of the advisory boards of the Billion Minds Foundation, Going Global Ventures, Inc., and numerous other international corporations and non-profit organizations in the fields of science, integrative medicine and organizational learning.  He is a member of the National Speakers Association, a keynote speaker, an editorial board member and reviewer for several scientific journals, and writes KMWorld's widely read column, The Future of the Future.

He holds the D.Sc. and M.E.A. degrees in Engineering Administration from The George Washington University, and the B.S.E.E. from Lehigh University.  He can be reached at