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Name: Thomas J. McCabe

Title/Position: CEO

Company: McCabe Technologies

Business Description: Breakthrough New Technology: Computer Science, Genetics

Chapter: Washington, DC PAC


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Thomas J. McCabe, founder of McCabe & Associates in Columbia, Maryland, is internationally known for his development of software metrics and his leadership in developing methodology and automation that foster the continued improvement of quality in software development, testing and maintenance. As Founder, CEO, and Chairman of McCabe & Associates, Inc., Tom grew the company and three European subsidiaries to a critical mass of 175 people based on its original research, and subsequently sold the company. He continued to remain closely tied to the company, however not in the day-to-day operations. In 1999 he was appointed to lead the Washington DC chapter of the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) Club, a group consisting of founders and entrepreneurs. Tom also actively speaks across the country on software development as well as on entrepreneurship.

Tom McCabe was the 1998 recipient of the fourth international Stevens Award and presented the Stevens Lecture on Software Development Methods on March 10th in Florence, Italy. He also testified before congress in the hearing entitled, "Year 2000:Biggest Problems and Proposed Solutions" in June of 1998. CNN Headline News aired a segment featuring Tom McCabe where he was interviewed on the Year 2000 in 1998. Tom has recently given presentations to the faculty and student body at the University of California Polytechnic and the Citadel on entrepreneurship. Tom currently is on the boards of several US and European companies. He is leading a project to apply mathematical analysis to the DNA double helix. He has recently authored a paper which applies mathematical analysis to biological emergent intelligence which was be published in August 2006.

Tom McCabe's landmark research appears in "Design Complexity Measurement and Testing" which was published in 1989 in Communications of the ACM. Other publications include "Software Complexity" with Arthur Watson, CrossTalk, 1994; "Combining Comprehension and Testing in Object-Oriented Development" with Arthur Watson, Object Magazine, 1994; "Testing an Object-Oriented Application" with Lori Dreyer, Albert Dunn, and Arthur Watson, The Journal of the Quality Assurance Institute, 1994; "An Engineering Approach of Software Maintenance" with Eldonna Williamson, CASE Outlook, 1992; Tips on Reengineering Redundant Software" with Eldonna Williamson, Datamation, 1992; and "Reverse Engineering, Reusability, Redundancy: The Connection", American Programmer, 1990.