Name: Allan Spivack

Title/Position: CEO

Company: RGI, Inc.

Business Description: Design and development firm

Chapter: Super PAC


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Allan is the founder and CEO of RGI, a design and development firm producing  sustainable products for the Home.  As a leader  in the just-in-time manufacturing model for consumer retail products , the firm went on to become the buying agents for the Williams Sonoma Cos where they became the third largest vendor country world-wide.  The firm today works with a variety of traditional and e-commerce clients, along with various other partners in bringing innovation to an aspirational, dynamic market..

Allan earned his JD/MBA from USD and the University of California at Berkeley with a focus on finance and securities law.  He has worked with the SEC in San Francisco and Jenkins and Perry, a real estate litigation firm in San Diego.  He is involved in several community based projects,  with a focus on areas that the firm is engaged in overseas.  These projects include health, education and child development.  He is also active with  Defy Ventures, an organization designed to support entrepreneurial development for men and women with complex personal and family histories.

Allan lives in New York along with his two sons, Jordan and Ben.