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Name: Edward G. Plentz III

Title/Position: Dr. / Co- Owner

Company: The New Renaissance

Business Description: Personal Developement Consultant, Professional Seminar Presentor, Start-up Business Consultant

Chapter: Super PAC


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At age 8 Dr. Plentz had a dream to become a ?rackopractor?he couldn? even say the name right. We believe this dream came about after a car accident his mother was in when he was age 4. His mother fractured her neck and the medical profession did an emergency fusion which saved her from being paralyzed but cut off the blood supply to her brain and her arms. Since the blood supply was decreased to her brain and arms it caused extreme migraines and a low quality of life. Dr. Plentz? mother as a last resort turned to Chiropractic because nothing else was working. Since Dr. Plentz was 4 he made the journey to the Chiropractors office with his mother and seen her quality of life transform right before his very eyes. She went from a person who couldn? even function due to the extreme pain to a wonderful mother and now grandmother to him and his children.

That started Dr. Plentz? journey into the Chiropractic profession. After that dream at age 8 he has never looked back. Dr. Plentz graduated from Onsted High School in 1986 and went on to junior college and right into the Graduate program at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He graduated from Palmer in October of 1991 and set up solo practice in Brooklyn Michigan in Jan. of 1992. From that point on his profession has been one of bliss and excitement. He built one of the biggest solo practices in the country which gave him international exposure in the Chiropractic profession and led him to the platform as one of Chiropractics top leaders and motivational speakers.

Studying self improvement since he was 18 years old has led Dr. Plentz now to an International platform not only in the Chiropractic profession but in the business world as well. Dr. Plentz retired from solo practice at age 36 and became co-owner of The New Renaissance International a company dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential in both their business life and personal life as well.

Teaching universal laws of success has allowed him along with his partner Dr. Kevin Pallis to create a company that helps individuals through seminars; motivational products and one-on-one customized consulting reach all of their goals and to fulfill all of their dreams. Specializing in the Chiropractic profession early on and now consulting with many CEO?, private business owners and entrepreneurs Dr. Plentz has the pleasure of working with individuals all over the globe.

Dr. Plentz? office is located in Brooklyn Michigan on Wampler? Lake road. The World Headquarters for The New Renaissance International is in Boston Massachusetts. For more information about Dr. Plentz and The New Renaissance International you can call him locally at 517-592-8208 or on the web at