Name: Eric Kochman

Title/Position: CEO

Company: ThermoSoft International Corporation

Business Description: Development and manufacturing of flexible heaters incorporating electro-conductive fibers

Chapter: Super PAC


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Eric Kochman has a Ph.D. in Electrical Chemistry from The Academy of Sciences of the former Soviet Union. Until 1990, he led a team of researchers who developed a wide variety of proprietary chemicals, coatings and composites which were successfully applied by major companies in Russia. In 1990-91, he conducted post-doctorate research on nanosized diamonds at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. Several leading Japanese tooling companies subsequently commercialized his work. In 1991-92, Dr. Kochman served as Diamond Coating Project Manager for ISCAR, Ltd., in Israel, the world’s second largest cutting tool manufacturing company.

In 1993, Dr. Kochman received a grant from the U.S. Navy, came to the United States and, with two partners, started Science Engineering International Corporation in Maryland. The company conducted research to improve the wear resistance of gun barrels.

In 1996, Dr. Eric Kochman started ThermoSoft International Corporation (Buffalo Grove, IL, USA, a developer and manufacturer of new generation FiberThermics® heaters that are completely unique on the world market. At present, about 1 million North American households use heated products made according to ThermoSoft’s patented technology.

Dr. Eric Kochman is an author of numerous publications and patents.