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Name: Michael Zeldes

Title/Position: SVP

Company: HUB International Northeast

Business Description: Insurance

Chapter: New York


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Michael Zeldes is one of the leading experts in identifying and addressing business risks.

Every company, every professional services firm, is faced with a set of Blind Spots. These are vulnerabilities that are often invisible in the course of daily business operations. And then when a law suit emerges or a loss is suffered, management recognizes that the Blind Spot has been a Time Bomb that disrupts the business and/or costs it money.

As Senior Vice President of HUB International Northeast--one of the nation's top nine risk management and insurance brokerage firms and a member of its Executive Management Team, Michael has the expertise and the multi-faceted team of specialists to identify risks to a company's well being and the products to build a firewall around them.

Zeldes is a frequent guest speaker at local universities and business schools. He is often quoted in industry publications as an expert on a wide variety of insurance topics. He is an active member of Gotham Networking Group, and chairs several of their groups. Zeldes is a board member of the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital Foundation and is the chair of the Events, Marketing and Awareness Committee as well as the co-chair of their annual wine tasting and auction fund-raising event.

Zeldes has appeared in The New York Times Wealth Matters column By Paul Sullivan, Insuring Your Business (and Yourself) Against Loss, May 15, 2009 and in Your Business with Credit Insurance, By Karin Price Mueller, and May 11, 2009.