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Name: Florence L. Wood

Title/Position: CCO

Company: JRC Services LLC

Business Description: Business brokerage, financing, business development

Chapter: New York


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She came to the United States by herself with two thousand dollars. She is grateful that her parents agreed to let her go, although her mother still complains about it. Born and raised in Hong Kong, went to China for three years when China was opened; she came to the United States in the 80ís.

Her business interest was developed early. Growing up in Hong Kong (very business oriented) and as a daughter of a businessman gave her the opportunity to see the business world at an early age. Just like any small business in an underdeveloped world, everybody has to help. She worked in her fatherís factory during busy seasons. She was promoted to be the salesman at the age of thirteen selling pottery to the British. Despite the participation in working at the factory, she was able to maintain straight ďAĒ in school. She received her first scholarship at the age of six.

Florence came to the United States in the 80ís and started her first business in 1990, exported leather materials to China and imported leather products. She also exported chemicals to the Chinese government for medical use.

Florence is currently the CCO of JRC Services LLC, the company she founded in 2005. JRC is a business brokerage, finance and business development firm. It specializes in helping clients in buying and selling business, as well as developing businesses strategies. In addition, JRC also provides financial service.

Being a member of CEO Club gave Florence the opportunity to learn from the brightest men and women in the business world. They gave her countless advice and numerous support. They are great mentors! This is the club that every business man and woman should join, no matter what industry you are in!