Name: Joseph R. Mancuso

Title/Position: CEO

Company: CEO Clubs, Inc.

Business Description: Non-profit organization for CEOs and Entrepreneurs.

Chapter: President Of All Chapters


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The founder of the 35 year old not-for-profit Chief Executive Officers Clubs International Clubs), Joe Mancuso is the entrepreneur's entrepreneur. CEO Clubs International is com-posed of CEO’s running businesses with about $20,000,000 of average annual sales. The club has over 15,000 current active members in the US and an equal number over-seas.

Mancuso is a popular speaker and participants have paid over $300,000,000 to hear the talks and workshops conducted or arranged by Joseph Mancuso.

Most recently, Joe has traveled to China thirty times and brought with him on the trips over 850 diverse CEOs. Today the Clubs have chapters in China, India, Dubai, Greece, Philippines, Australia, and Fiji.

Mancuso is undoubtedly best known as an author. His books and tapes have been heard or read by more small business people than those of any other management author, according to Simon & Schuster. He has edited or written twenty-six books, and currently ten books are classified as backlist books, which sell about the same quantity every year. In addition, Joe has authored nu-merous magazine articles and booklets; in such a diverse magazines as Playboy, Penthouse, Success, Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Marketing and The Journal of Small Business. His materials about business plan preparation have outsold all other authors combined.

Joe holds an Electrical Engineering degree from WPI and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. His Doctorate is from Boston University in Educational Administration. He was the Chairman of the Management Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massa-chusetts before launching CEO Clubs International in 1977. He lives in Manhattan, with his wife and business partner, Karla, their two children Max and May. His three married daughters have given him six grandchildren.


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