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Name: David T. Kinnear

Title/Position: President & CEO

Company: DDC HRO - part of the DDC Group

Business Description: Providing global business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions

Chapter: New York


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Website: www.ddchro.com | www.theddcgroup.com



President & CEO of DDC HRO - part of the DDC Group
Founder - The Global Sourcing Council
Head of The BPO Council (US/Philippines)
US Race Liaison Officer - The Rona Trust Atlantic Challenge (2009 Race Committee)
Board Member of The Grace Children's Foundation

David Kinnear is co-founder, President and CEO of DDC HRO - a member of the DDC Group of Companies - providing global business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. David's primary focus is C-level dialog and business development for the full range of BPO services that the DDC Group deploys globally, such as distributed document management, data capture and financial data processing & analysis.

David is a sought-after speaker on the growing BPO sector in the Philippines, China and other emerging BPO destinations, such as South Africa. He is a vocal advocate for global sourcing and a champion of the new socio-economic and philanthropic opportunities this can create for both client and provider countries.

David is a co-founder of The (new) Global Sourcing Council (GSC). The GSC is a global business forum for those leading countries and their Trade Delegates, as well as progressive multi-national Clients wishing to participate in social and economic discussions (in open forum) concerning the effects and implications of outsourcing / offshoring initiatives, and more specifically as it relates to the long term economic and social impacts for each country. Further information can be found at: www.gscouncil.org  

David is a co-founder and Head of The BPO Council, a voluntary, public-private collaboration with the Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce in New York and the Philippines Department of Trade & Industry. Further information can be found at: www.philamchamber.org  

David is a Board member of The Grace Children's Foundation, which provides a conduit for bringing critical medical, educational and humanitarian assistance to the children of China who await adoption and who will never be adopted - as such assisting them in achieving a positive and healthy transition into teen and adult life. Further information can be found at: www.gracechildren.org   

David is the US Race Liaison Officer for the Rona Trust Atlantic Challenge (2009), helping The London Sailing Project in raising funding and logistical support for its participation in the Trans-Atlantic Tall Ships' Race in 2009. Further information can be found at www.ronatrust.com

David lives in New York with his wife Katherine who is a professional violist and music educational consultant - and their daughter, Mila Jing Lin Alexandra.