Name: Clyde (C. D.) Johnson

Title/Position: System Administrator / Webmaster

Company: CEO Clubs International, Inc. / Rogue Scholars Press

Business Description: Web design and development / Business Networking / Publishing

Chapter: New York (Executive Staff)


Please inquire with The CEO Clubs for member contact information.


Website: www.ceoclubs.org



C. D. (Seedy) Johnson: Former I.T. director and business systems analyst. Currently, a freelance web, software, graphic design, and digital publishing consultant. Holds an M.A. for  analytic philosophy and informal and computational logic theory, a B.S. in computer science, as well as an associate's degree in comparative religion, Anglican studies, and eastern religion and philosophy. He has extensive scholarship in the philosophies of realism, naturalism, physicalism, skepticism, empiricism, behaviorism, metaphysics, analystics, meta-ethics, epistemology, etiology, theology, and mythology; with an emphasis on Eastern religion, Indian Dharmic non-dualism philosophy and Indian philosophy of logic (Nyaya). At different times, he has taught adult education in literacy, introduction to logic, introduction to philosophy, Advaita Vedanta philosophy, and religious instruction in Sanatana Dharma and Shaktism. Personal maxims: "Logic first in all things." // "Question everything, even that which you hold to be true."