Name: Maria L. Ellis, MBA

Title/Position: Real Estate Broker

Company: Citi-Habitats, Inc.

Business Description: Real Estate in New York City

Chapter: New York


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If you are planning to sell, purchase, rent or lease an apartment/building in the New York City area, real estate expert Maria Ellis, MBA is uniquely positioned to help you to achieve your objectives. She also works with new development and investment properties.

Throughout her 20 years of career experience in advising and counseling investment clients, she has become highly skilled in understanding and interpreting your specific real estate needs and objectives, and the substantial impact this has on your financial well-being and lifestyle. As a former investment advisor and financial planner, she has specialized in converting client needs and objectives into successful action plans.

In today’s complex market you need sophisticated and knowledgeable representation--someone with the financial know-how and market contacts to secure the “right deal” for your needs. Having worked at a variety of financial institutions, including Bank of America, Citibank, the MONY Group and Northwestern Mutual, Maria has the tools and expertise that this requires.

Having sensitivity to your needs and the financial tools to identify the right deal is not enough! It takes a seasoned negotiator and deal closer to deliver the results that you expect and deserve for such lifestyle- and wealth-impacting transactions. Maria has successfully negotiated dozens of high-stakes transactions—ranging from medium to high 7-figures—and she knows what it takes to close a win-win deal for both individuals and corporations.

Additionally, through Citi-Habitats Relocation Services Maria can offer additional specialized services through Settling-In Services and Citi-Furnished. She also has exclusive relationships with Manhattan’s apartment landlords.

Maria’s background includes leadership in many charitable causes, community activities and social events. Most recently, she received the “Woman of the Future” award, sponsored by the American Association of University Women and the New York Women’s Agenda.

Following a successful career in banking and insurance, Maria managed her own investment consulting business for over seven years. She is also a recent graduate of the Harvard Business School Owner-President Management Program and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, as well as her MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Contact Maria today to discuss your particular real estate investment needs at or call her directly at 973-216-4181.