Name: Nadine Cino

Title/Position: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Tyga-Box Systems, Inc.

Business Description:

Chapter: New York


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Nadine Cino is a co-founder of Tyga-Box Systems, and has served as its CEO since inception. She is a co-inventor of Tyga-Box's first-in-class reusable plastic box and dolly system, a transformative product introduced to the moving and storage industry a decade ago. Sustainable from inception and intent, the Company is enjoying the recent interest in green initiatives expressed by corporate America, and heightened by Al Gore’s presentation of his message.

She is a patent-holder of several other inventions relating to the moving, storage and transportation fields – her focus being to generate process improvements through efficiency of equipment design. Currently, the Company seeks to expand its distribution beyond the continental US, and welcomes the interest of parties who are positioned to act as or can provide contacts to distributors.

Nadine enjoys speaking at industry events, and has shared office moving best practices with facilities managers and movers alike. For her, this is the best way to give back to a community that provides so much to her company.