Name: Rakesh Bhargava

Title/Position: Managing Director

Company: Sustainable Growth Partners

Business Description: Description: India focused hedge fund

Chapter: New York


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Rakesh is founder and CEO of RKB Consulting Group, a 20-year-old company providing technology solution and accounting systems to middle market companies.  During the same period he founded or supported the development of a number of other companies, including a 70-room Holiday Inn Express and 111-room Wingate Inn.  Rakesh also served as Managing Director of an American Express subsidiary and CFO of a video, audio and post-production firm.  He is Managing Director of Sustainable Growth partners; an India focused hedge fund that delivers 114% return over 2006 to 2007.  He also serves as Vice-chairman of Academy of Chief Executives, New York.

Rakesh's experience includes accounting, sales, technology, strategic planning, acquisitions, and overall management.  He is a Lifetime Member of the CEO Club in New York, and served as adjunct professor of finance at Adelphi University.  Rakesh is affiliated with a nationally recognized 230 bed super specialty surgical hospital in Indore, India, which offers brain, heart, kidney, knee and hip replacement surgery.  This hospital is now setting up three more hospitals in surrounding towns.  He is a part owner of a 76 bed skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Huntington, Long Island, New York.  He has ownership interest in two 500 KW wind power generation unit in Tamil Nadu, India.

He has been actively involved with community, social and charitable activities.  He served in key roles for the last two RANA (Rajasthan Association of North America) convention attended by more than 2,000 people in Long Island.  He is President of International Bhargava Sabha, which recently held an International Convention in NJ.

He also facilitates two Goal Cultivator Communities, that meet once a quarter to cultivate and harvest goals and participants view future as their property that need tending.  He facilitated PAC (Presidential Advisory Council) for CEO clubs in NY. He initiated an entrepreneurial study group of nine CEOs of small but growth oriented companies with sole aim to study how to grow member's income along with leisure time.