Name: J. P. Li

Title/Position: CEO

Company: CEO Clubs in China

Business Description:

Chapter: China (See International Chapters Page)


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Website: www.globalhttp://



As CEO of CEO Clubs in China, Mr. Li is focusing on developing new business opportunities, including consulting, familiarization with U.S. and CUS CEO Clubs, a non-profit organization China economic institutions and culture. CEO Clubs in China is under great support of with 30 year experience and over 5000 members. He concurrently serves as "central facilitator" on CEO International Business Services Program which is a unique program exploring business from a CEO's perspective.

During his staying in U.S., Mr. Li has served as a visiting scholar in the college of Business and Public Ad-ministration of Old Dominion University and has been an energetic and industrious contributor to the college and to many organization in the surrounding community. After graduation, he established Sino-American Exports International Inc USA. He created the entire organization from importing and exporting between China and U.S.A. for more than 15 years.

He previously served as an official in Ministry of Finance of Peoples Republic of China for 10 years. His insight and understanding of the interface between the two economic systems and cultures is truly on the "cutting edge" of our existing knowledge.

Mr. Li received a bachelor degree in finance and banking from Centre Finance and Banking Institute in Beijing. Also, Li received a bachelor degree in English from Beijing Foreign Languages School.