Name: Steven W. Turner

Title/Position: President

Company: New Path Management Solutions LLC

Business Description: Show business executives how their management teams can spend 20-30% MORE time addressing company objectives rather than spending time on stressful manager/employee relationships.

Chapter: Entrepreneurial


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Website: www.newpathmanagement.com



Steve was hired part time by one of the most respected companies in America, UPS, when he was 19 years old. At 20, he was promoted into management. When he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he started his full time career. In his 34 year management career he managed various types of employee groups at district, regional and corporate levels of the organization. He managed 5 years in Europe at the beginning of UPS’ worldwide expansion in early 1989. He had management responsibilities in 10 different countries during this 5 year period. He returned to the USA in late 1993 and moved into Information Services managing employee groups that developed financial systems for worldwide deployment. Steve spent the last two years in strategic planning until he was led to leave UPS on an early retirement in 2007.

Steve started a real estate investment company in 2007. In January 2008 while attending an internet marketing class for his real estate investment company, he received the idea to use the marketing skills in a different way; to market the management skills that had been given to him over his 34 year management career. “This took me by surprise. However, when I started to look back over my entire 35 years with UPS, I began to realize that I seemed to always have a solution for any management scenario that ever came up. The solutions came easily for me. New Path Management Solutions, LLC was founded to share what has been given to me during my career at UPS. I want to share it with as many managers and business executives as possible. Many managers and employees will benefit by learning these skills.” Steve is an expert in managing employees and business groups. His approach enhances relationships with individuals that collectively generate effective business teams, and improved business results.