Name: Yasser A. Elshantaf

Title/Position: CEO

Company: PhoenixBird Information Technology & Systems Ltd.

Business Description: Information Technology & Communication Systems

Chapter: Entrepreneurial


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Website: http://phoenixbird.eu



Hello ladies and gentlemen.

I am very glad to meet you here ... Let me tell you brief about me from both business point of view and personal one.

At the moment I am running an outsourcing software development company. It's the system that delivers quality and passionately helps its customers to be their best.

I am in IT since the year of 2000 and feel comfortable about this industry. It is interesting for me to improve my knowledge and learn from those who achieved more than me, and it's pleasure to share my experience with those who just entered the market.


Few words about my personality

I use all the chances that life gives. I am not scared of falling, because I am fond of flying. You will never fly high if you are afraid of falling. I am real. I am what I am, and that gives me success. I am a risk-taker.

If you asked me about my personal business-characteristics, I would say that I am persistent, hard-working, business-oriented and...very lucky :)

What is DOING BUSINESS in my understanding:

Effective forecasting, planning, and scheduling. Neverending game where you play for bigger goals. The bigger goal is achieved the bigger goal you are putting before yourself for the next exciting jerk...

If you ask me what means own business for me- it's being independent and self-motivated, being extremely responsible and flexible. For me it's getting the top level in something that you can ever do. And lots of thinking and working. And last but not the least- get pleasure from everything you do and it will work :)

I turn ideas, concepts and dreams into life. It's an excellent deal and it is extremely fulfilling.

If you feel like telling me something, even it's just HELLO, please do not hesitate and contact me directly through my email, or directly here.