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Name: Michael W. DeVenny

Title/Position: CEO

Company: The 4ABW Group

Business Description: International Business Optimization & Development

Chapter: Entrepreneurial


Please inquire with The CEO Clubs for member contact information.


Website: www.4ABW.com



I started The 4ABW Group ten years ago and it continues to grow.

The 4ABW Group owns a variety of businesses but we offer our expertise to help any business from an individual with an idea to a multinational corporation. 

Trying to indicate a specialty is hard because we are very good at everything that we do. 

Perhaps we can help you.

I will name two specialties High ROI and SEO

Visit our website or www.24HRMaxSEO.com

Thank you all.

Health and Happiness to Everyone Success is inevitable.

Special Thanks to DR. Joseph Mancuso,

- Michael DeVenny, CEO, The 4ABW Group