milli 2.jpg

Name: Milli A. Brown

Title/Position: President / CEO

Company: Brown Books Publishing Group

Business Description: Publishing

Chapter: Dallas / Super PAC


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Milli Brown is the founder of Brown Books Publishing Group, a 17-year-old publishing company based in Dallas, Texas.

Brown has been called an entrepreneurial publisher for entrepreneurial authors. She utilizes her "relationship publishing" business model to allow her authors to retain the rights to their work and receive the lions share of the proceeds from each book's sale. Most of Brown's authors are highly accomplished CEO's and business leaders with a passion that beckons to be put in words.

In today's competitive business environment, authoring a book is the ultimate marketing move.  It gives the business executive a "one up" on the competition -- a clear point of difference. A book is the new business card, and if you are an expert, authority or spokesperson, you are expected to have a book.

"Business executives 'get' my publishing model because it is a sound financial model", says Brown. "While some authors remain desirous of finding a royalty publisher who will validate them by purchasing the rights to their book, business executives are more concerned with ROI and they recognize the value of owning their intellectual property."

Ghostwriting is the largest growth area for Brown Books because most successful people don't have the time or the comprehensive writing skills necessary to write it themselves.  Brown Books' editorial team matches the right ghostwriter to the project so that the author's own voice comes through.

Brown Books is one of the fastest growing independent publishers in the U.S. publishing more than 120 books each year and has won numerous prestigious awards such as the Hollywood Film Festival Opus Magnum Award, Independent Publishers Award, Gold Ink Award and the Writer's Digest Grand Prize, competing head to head with the traditional royalty publishers.