First Name: Stephen B. Welsh

Title/Position: President

Company: OPxcel Buisness Performace Consultants

Business Description: Management and Operations Consultants

Chapter: Baltimore


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Founded OPxcel Consultants to lead small to mid size companies to Operational Excellence through Business Process Improvement. Utilizing Six Sigma and Lean methodologies, combined with our small business and Fortune 100 experience, OPxcel will lead your business to better controls, reduced costs, sales growth and increased profit margins.

OPxcel delivers bottom line P&L improvements with a quantifiable ROI. Whether you are looking to grow your existing business, expand to new locations or make your existing operation more responsive and competitive in your marketplace, OPxcel has the tools and experience to get you there.

The OPxcel team uses a hands-on approach and works with you and your staff to drive project and business success. We partner with you through every phase of the process improvement, from project concept development to capturing real bottom line results.

Prior to founding OPxcel, Steve had successfully owned, managed and improved businesses for more than 20 years. From the mid 80's through the late 90's Steve was Vice President of Marketing and Sales and principal of a regional distribution company in the Mid Atlantic.

In 1999 Steve joined Honeywell International and orchestrated the turnaround of an $8 million region. In 2002 Steve took over leadership of the North America Six Sigma Team for two ACS divisions of Honeywell. During his leadership of the Six Sigma team, Steve directed and implemented over 130 projects that delivered more than $20 million in bottom line profit improvement.

Steve is Six Sigma Black Belt Certified; Lean trained and earned his Masters in Business Administration from the Fellows Program at the Sellinger School of Business at Loyola College in Maryland. He also holds a B.A. in Marketing from Loyola.

Married with 2 children.