Lee Murray.jpg

Name: Lee Murray

Title/Position: President/Publisher

Company: The Beverage Journal

Business Description: Publication

Chapter: Baltimore


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Website: http://beerwineliquor.com/



Lee Winslow Murray (57) is Publisher of the Maryland and Washington Beverage Journals (MD/DC BJ) and an Executive Board Member of The Beverage Network Publications (BNP). The Beverage Network Publications have been providing beverage alcohol licensees with pertinent business information for over 65 years.  The 33 member publications of BNP cover the nation and reach over 125,000 on and off-premise licensees.

Lee is a 1972 graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a B.A. in Political Science, and a 1982 graduate of the Fellows Program  in Organizational and Community Systems from Johns Hopkins University.

Lee has founded three corporations over his career and has served as an officer and a board member in many non-profit corporations.

He is very involved with his industry, and as a publisher, has the special opportunity of working with all tiers  of the alcohol beverage industry: retailers, restaurateurs, tavern owners, wholesalers and  suppliers.  Lee meets frequently with government officials, advertising agencies, journalists and the public. Lee is often asked to be a speaker at industry and association events.  He has been Publisher of the MD/DC BJ and an Executive Board Member of BNP since 1982 and in that position has had the responsibility to closely monitor the developments of the alcohol beverage industry. His monthly editorials and comments have shown a keen understanding of the complexities and challenges facing the industry.  He has not been afraid to speak out and support the industry when it is right, and likewise, caution the industry when it is on the wrong course.

Lee resides in Sherwood Forest, MD and is married to Kathryn Richards, a school teacher/administrator with the Anne Arundel County (MD) Board of Education. Lee and Kathy have four children and two grandchildren.

Addendum for CEO China Trip:

Lee is very interested in learning about the alcohol beverage industry in China, and how the various tiers: retail, wholesaler, supplier, government and public work together.   He will be looking for publishing, printing and advertising opportunities.