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Name: Timothy L. Beal

Title/Position: Managing Principal

Company: Beal & Associcates, LLC

Business Description: Financial & Business Performance Consulting

Chapter: Baltimore


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Beal and Associates, LLC is dedicated to helping our clients successfully achieve a competitive advantage through Business Performance Realization.

This process transforms organizations, enabling them to become more nimble, take control of business processes, and provide enterprise-wide visibility into those processes that drive continuous improvement. Organizations are positioned to anticipate and react to issues and opportunities, to improve decision-making, and ensure the integrity and accuracy of critical business processes.

The infrastructure needed to support efficient and functioning business processes is comprised of three main segments, Financial Discipline, Management Effectiveness, and Operational Efficiency. The point at which these segments work in harmony with each other is the point of Realization, where efficient and effective business process performance occurs. Working closely with senior management, we systematically review each segment for improvement opportunities. We then explore those business processes that are either shared by or connect the segments for synchronization and synergy. The point of Realization reflects the processes that support the company mission, values, and culture.

By connecting people to people and optimizing process functionality, we help organizations become better equipped to respond to change.

Timothy L. Beal, CPA, has over 30 years of proven experience and expertise in delivering results that matter. Throughout his career, Tim has consistently improved efficiency and productivity in various business environments including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, professional services, and fabrication industries. Where Tim excels is his extensive experience and insight into operations. He not only understands the financial numbers, he can also evaluate the operational processes and procedures that drive financial performance. Combining his financial expertise with his operational experience provides the desired balance of proven financial management, operational effectiveness, and a conscious sense of accountability, collaboration and inspiration.

Tim graduate Summa Cum Laude from Towson State College with a BS in Business Administration. He also holds a MBA in Finance from Loyola College and has the honor of passing the Certified Public Accountant exam on the first sitting! Tim lives with his wife, Deanna and their two daughters, Jackie and Jenna, on a small horse farm in Finksburg, Maryland.