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Name: Frank Bakker

Title/Position: President & CEO, GCT LLC / Managing Director, CGCE P LTD

Company: GCT LLC (USA) / CGCE P LTD (India)

Business Description:

Chapter: Baltimore


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Frank Bakker (31) is President/CEO of the recently started Great Commission Trading Company (GCT) in Mount Airy. He is also Managing Director of the subsidiary, Chikali Great Commission Engineering (CGCE) in India. GCT fills a niche that exists in the International market by helping Western based companies respond well to globalization. It enables customers to source their products and design services from an often not so familiar part of the world, while still maintaining excellence. GCT helps US-based companies involved in Industrial Product Design and Engineering source what they need from India and China. With a number of patented products in its port-folio, and a growing record of excellent creative solutions, GCT is entrusted by its clients with the further development of their products. The often patented ideas are taken from their concept stages, through design, engineering and prototyping. Based in India, CGCE then manages the production according to International Standards, and delivers the products in large volume to anywhere in the world.     

Innovation and Design being the cutting edge that increases market share today, GCT is always ready to help you develop the next creative idea in Industrial and Consumer products. GCT and CGCE are currently involved in preparing for the introduction of brand new products into the American and European Markets.

Frank obtained his degree in Product Development Engineering from the University of The Hague in 1999 where he was rewarded with an overall 100% score for his final thesis. He continued working for the Dutch B&H; Partners in Graphic and Industrial Design; the company where he fulfilled his earlier university internship requirements. Frank served B&H as a manager for two years and advanced quickly. He managed the reorganization of the firm in project management and design methodology, developing products for leading brands in the European market. He later turned down a very lucrative career opportunity with B&H. Being motivated by a strong desire to venture out into something more significant in life, he and his wife Nicole instead chose to go the U.S. for further studies.

In 2002, Frank and his family left the U.S. to research the opportunities in Asia. This led directly to the establishment of CGCE in India. Through analyzing the “Asian Way” in depth and working incredibly hard, Frank has succeeded in helping western based entrepreneurs and product developers to penetrate the Asian market!

Frank and his wife Nicole are both from the Netherlands and have three children: two girls and a boy. They have lived in Pune, West India, since 2002. Both of his daughters are models in the Indian fashion industry. Frank’s wife Nicole has started a children’s home for HIV affected children in India. Starting with just one orphaned little girl, it has now grown to be a home for 9 children. Visit ‘’ for more information. Over the last five years, Frank and his family have impacted the lives of people from around the world in a powerful way through their efforts in India.