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One of the most important tasks when starting a small business occurs right at the outset: giving the enterprise a name. The name chosen will come to symbolize the entire business and can be an early sign of a company's character. Click Here for the article.





Here you will find are the actual Business Plans used by CEOs and entrepreneurs. There are two full-length business plans for:

PART I. Marrone Enterprises - a restaurant/pub in Worcester, MA. - Page 1
PART II. Venture Magazine - a small business magazine, which competed with Inc. magazine for a dozen years before it went out of business. - Page 31

And a partial business plans for a small business portal:

PART III. - Page 49

Actual Business Plans: Part 1 (Adobe™ PDF)
Actual Business Plans: Part 2 (Adobe™ PDF)
Actual Business Plans: Part 3 (Adobe™ PDF)


*Also, check out this CEO Clubs Video: ThumbnailHow To Write A Winning Business Plan
(More videos in the
Talks Section)





Click Here for the document. (Adobe™ PDF)





• Briox Technologies, Inc.
• American Laser, Inc.
• Perspective, Inc.
• In-Line Technology
• BLT Corporation

Business Plans:

• Briox Technologies, Inc.      _ Page 6
• American Laser, Inc.      _ Page 9
• Perspective, Inc.      _ Page 11
• In-Line Technology      _ Page 14
• BLT Corporation      _ Page 17

Other Business Plans:

• Nebur Engineering      _ Page 19
• Malibu Technologies      _ Page 23
• Face Pilot, Inc.      _ Page 25
• Apricor, Inc.      _ Page 28


The above business plans are not offered as an example of good or bad business plans. Rather they are offered to give you a wide variety of types of actual plans to help you to synthesis ideas in developing your own business plan. The objective is to show diverse plans, each with a different emphasis, to allow you to develop your own unique approach to preparing and writing a business plan.





This is the original business plan used by Al Battista and Bill Shiner to purchase the Laser Division of American Optical in Sturbridge, MA.

This big company was divesting a division and the operating people bonded together to buy it.

After five years of operations it was sold to Coherent, Inc. in Palo Alto, CA.

It is now the Laser Division of Coherent on the East Coast in the same Sturbridge location with several hundred employees. The financials are not included in the plan. Click Here to read the sample plan.





For the full-length version of this checklist, contact Joseph Mancuso.


How About You?:

• Are you the kind of person who can get a business started and make it go?
• Think about why you want to own your own business. Do you want to badly enough to keep you working long hours without knowing how
   much money you will end up with?
• Have you worked in a business like the one you want to start?
• Have you worked for someone else as a foreman or manager?
• Have you had any business training in school?
• Have you saved any money?
• How about the money? Do you know how much money you will need to get your business started?
• Have you counted up how much money of your own you can put into the business?
• Do you know how much credit you can get from your suppliers -- the people you will buy from?
• Do you know where you can borrow the rest of the money you need to start your business?
• Have you figured out what net income per year you expect to get from your business? Count your salary and your profit and the money you
   put into the business.
• Can you live on less than this so that you can use some of it to help your business grow?
• Have you talked to a banker about your plans?
• How about a partner? If you need a partner with money or know-how that you don't have, do you know someone who will fit -- someone you
   can get along with?
• Do you know the good and bad points about going it alone, having a partner, and incorporating your business?
• Have you talked to a lawyer about it?
• How about your customers -- Do most businesses in your community (industry) seem to be doing well?
• Have you tried to find out whether stores like the one you want to open are doing well in your community and in the rest of the country?
• Do you know what kind of people will want to buy what you plan to sell?
• Do people like that live in the area where you want to open your store?
• Do they need a store like yours?
• If not, have you thought about opening a different kind of store or going to another neighborhood?





Click Here to read the article. (Adobe™ PDF)

Click Here to hear the talk, "10 Tips For Writing A Business Plan" by Joseph Mancuso. (RealPlayer

If you don't have RealPlayer installed on your computer, you can download it by clicking This Link.

Also check out "How To Get A Business Loan" based on the book, "How To Write A Winning Business Plan" as well as other talks in our Audio Section.





Nobody ever said to me, "Oh, Goody! Goody! I have to write a business plan!" Rather they call and ask "Can you help me, I've got to write a business plan today for a presentation tomorrow?"


My material on the subject of preparing business plans has been the most widely used since the late 1970's. So you just might want to know what I say because it has become a benchmark for both lenders & investors. - Joseph R. Mancuso

How To Write A Winning Business Plan. Best-selling book, which contains 3 full-length actual business plans of Venture Magazine, Storage Technology and Shopsmith. 344 pages [ Simon & schuster ] $15.00. The ninety-minute audiocassette is $15.00 and both together are $25.00.





• Can you tell me where your banker went to school?
• Can you tell me your banker's spouse's first name?
• Can you tell me your banker's birthday?
• Are you successful in locating a good bank and a great banker?

The answers to these questions and many more can be found in the articles in this section.


• Twenty Ways To Improve Your Banking Ability
• Ingredients Of A Real Estate Loan Submission


Mancuso's Ten Rules For Banking:

01.      It's technically impossible to give a banker too much information.
02.      Seek advice: money follows advice.
03.      The only time to raise capital is when you don't need it.
04.      Dress up for your banker and down for your lawyer.
05.      A quick "No" is better than a long "No".
06.      Money flows only when risk is zero. Fully answer all the negatives.
07.      Always pick a banker, never a bank.
08.      Practice answering the single most important banking question: How will the bank get its money back?
09.      The best thing to do for your banker is to refer a good depositor.
10.       Bankers hate surprises. There is no such thing as good news and bad news. There is only good news and better news.


How To Get A Business Loan:

Most entrepreneurs can borrow money but do they do it in exchange for the best terms?

This best selling book and tape series was a Fortune Book Club main selection. Mancuso not only tells you how to borrow, better, he tells you how to avoid personally guaranteeing the corporate debt; and if you have already guaranteed it, he will tell you how to get off it (ditto for the spouse). It is invaluable negotiating advice and it's legal. The section on securing Small Business Administration (SBA) funding is also priceless.

Click Here to hear the talk, "How To Get A Business Loan" by Joseph Mancuso. (RealPlayer

If you don't have RealPlayer installed on your computer. You can download it by following the link below.


*Also, check out this CEO Clubs Video: ThumbnailHow To Borrow Money Without Signing Your Life A Way
(More videos in the
Talks Section)






• Employee Pledge And Proprietary Rights And Information Agreement
• Director's Pledge
• A Sample Confidentiality Agreement
• A Sample Non-Disclosure / Non-Compete Employment Agreement
• Phantom Stock Plan: Without a doubt, the subject of phantom stock agreements is a hot topic at CEO Club roundtable meetings. Many CEOs want their employees to share in the growth of the business, but seek to avoid the complexity of minority shareholders lawsuits.





Today, franchisers realize that a franchisee that fails costs them far more in time, money and reputation than the quick infusion of up-front money is ever worth. They know what they want when it comes to franchisees, and determine who does ( or doesn't) have these traits, a growing number of franchisers have turned to some form of testing. 

Click Here to go to the quiz. After you've finished, close the window and click the link below.

Scoring On The Franchisee Quiz





While there is no single entrepreneurial archetype, there are certain character traits that indicate an entrepreneurial personality. In this quiz, developed from a series of questionnaire analyses performed by the Center for Entrepreneurial Management, we've concentrated on those indicators. If you've ever wondered whether or not you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, here's your chance to find out.

Click Here to go to the quiz. After you've finished, close the window and click the link below.

Scoring On The Entrepreneurial Quiz

Commentary On Scoring The Entrepreneurial Quiz


*Also, check out this CEO Clubs Video: ThumbnailDefinition Of Entrepreneurial, Ready Fire Aim
(More videos in the
Talks Section)





Test your score on this quiz and compare your knowledge with that of the 310 members of the CEO Club who scored an average of 175 points out of a possible 330 points.

Click Here to go to the quiz. After you've finished, close the window and click the link below.

Scoring On The Bankers Quiz





ACHIEVEMENT, AFFILIATION, AND POWER: The Entrepreneurial Profile Assessment Exercise... Before delving into the motivational profile of the entrepreneur, we believe each one of you should answer the following questions as objectively as possible, in order to best understand your own motivations in the world of entrepreneurship.

Click Here to go to the questionnaire. After you've finished, close the window and click the link below.

Evaluating The Motivational Profile





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