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Dec 2017

The CEO Clubs In Taiwan







Info:  New Chapter Launching: Taichung City, Taiwan - December 12 To 15th

Early Bird Special (Before November 20th) - From $700 to $800
Regular Member Price (After November 20th) - $900 to $1,000
Non-Member Price - $1,200

Our first chapter in TAIWAN. Just four days and three nights enjoy the center of Taiwan, Taic-hung, meeting new friends, talk business making money and having fun. CEO CLUBS have taken about 1,000 CEOs on similar trips in the past dozen years. While most have been to China, we have been to another dozen countries, and finally, TAIWAN.

image009.jpgChairperson: Samuel  Lin, founder of CEO club Taiwan Graduated from "National Taiwan University" and "New York University", A very successful man worked in Wall street and Hong Kong for Fiancial service. Then start his own business in China. but good days don't last long he faced his first failure, he lost everything in one night. He stood back up from the lowest point of his life after he met God, now his company "MEGASTAR" holds dozen patents of health food supplement's formula and become the man behind the scenes supplying the main ingredient to all well known health food organization.


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