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Name: Mark Stevens

Title/Position: CEO

Company: MSCO

Business Description:

Chapter: New York


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CEO * Bestselling Author * Marketing, Management, Sales & Wealth Expert

Mark Stevens is a bestselling author, CEO of MSCO, a results-driven management and marketing firm, and a popular media commentator on a host of business matters including marketing, branding, management and sales.  Mr. Stevens is known for delivering business insights with blunt truth and unconventional wisdom.

In his latest book, "Rich Is a Religion: Breaking the Timeless Code to Wealth" (Wiley; October 2008) Stevens has created a roadmap for those who seek to obtain wealth and retain it for life.  Rich Is a Religion is guidebook to making more money, protecting it, and learning to live a life of genuine wealth.  Having met with and observed the habits of millionaires and billionaires, from Bill Gates and Carl Icahn to former U.S. Treasury Secretary Bill Simon and scores of wealthy CEOs and entrepreneur clients, Stevens outlines a powerful new way of thinking and living rich.   

Mark Stevens shook the marketing establishment with his Business Week best seller, "Your Marketing Sucks" (Random House/Crown Business, 2003), and redefined the rules of management with "Your Management Sucks" (Random House/Crown Business, 2006).  He is the author of 25 business-related books including the best sellers: "The Big Eight"; "King Icahn"; "Sudden Death: The Rise and Fall of EF Hutton" (a Wall Street Journal bestseller and Library Journal "Business Book of the Year"); and the enormously popular "Your Marketing Sucks."

Stevens' incisive understanding of critical business issues is geared toward achieving extraordinary growth and success for his clients.  His firm, MSCO represents a stellar roster of clients including Nike, Starwood, GE, Guardian Life, Intrawest, Estee Lauder, The MONY Group, Environmental Systems Products and many others.  Through integrated marketing campaigns, MSCO focuses on achieving results for its clients instead of awards that serve egos.  Mark Stevens possesses an innovative and iconoclastic view of the business world, having served as a journalist and nationally syndicated columnist and having held management positions at several global corporations.

Mark Stevens is an in-demand speaker at organizations from Siemens, Virgin Air, Nike and Oracle to the American Chamber of Commerce Executives.  A frequent guest commentator, Stevens lends his insights and opinions on a wide variety of topics, from Carl Icahn’s latest moves (Fox Business Channel) to Tom Cruise's image (Fox News Channel) and Kate Moss's personal crisis (The New York Post/Page Six), to ‘Why Successful Business People Don't Sleep' (The New York Times) and how to "Be a Better Boss in 2007" (  He was recently named a columnist writing about sales related maters for

His wildly successful blog, "Unconventional Thinking" is in the top 1% of all published blogs (out of 95 million blogs) and was recently named in the Top 10 of all marketing blogs.  Stevens is regular guest blogger for and the Digital PR blogger for PR News Online.   More about Mark Stevens can be found at


•       Rich Is A Religion (October 2008)
•       God Is A Salesman: Learn From the Master
•       Your Management Sucks
•       Your Marketing Sucks
•       Extreme Management: What They Teach At Harvard's Advanced Management Program
•       King Icahn: The Biography of A Renegade Capitalist
•       The Big Eight: An Inside View of America's Most Powerful Accounting Firms
•       The Big Six
•       The Accounting Wars
•       KPMG Peat Marwick 1991-92: Business Adviser for Growing Companies
•       How To Run Your Own Business Successfully
•       Sudden Death: The Rise & Fall Of E.F. Hutton
•       Land Rush: The Secret World Of Real Estate Super Brokers And Developers
•       Power Of Attorney: The Rise Of The Giant Law Firms
•       The Macmillan Small Business Handbook
•       Like No Other Store in The World: The Inside Story of Bloomingdales
•       36 Small Business Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
•       Model
•       Profit Secrets for Small Businesses
•       10 - Minute Entrepreneurs
•       How To Borrow A Million Dollars
•       Leveraged Finance: How To Raise and Invest Cash
•       The Insiders: The Truth Behind The Scandal Rocking Wall Street
•       How to Pyramid Small Business Ventures
•       The Inside Story of Bloomingdale's

Books by Mark Stevens have been published in USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Germany, Spain, Japan, Russia and Brazil.